Man of Constant Sorrows – Reformed Version

Our customary Reformation observance has included a German pot-luck supper where everything from wieneschnitzel and sauerkraut to macaroni and cheese somehow ends up within the species of genuine German cuisine. Regardless, the food is always vunderbar. After dinner, a round of congregational singing of several of "Luther's Favorite Hymns" ("On Top Of Old Smokey," "She'll Be Com'in Round The Mountain," and "I've Been Working On The Railroad"). This does very little for the digestion and some have said they may have heard old Luther rolling over in his grave a time or two.
For the pasts 10 years, Luther himself has made a special appearance straight from Wittenburg. Kind of a Santa Claus with an attitude, as he inevitably scolds native Mainers for mispronouncing his name – "Mahtin Luthah." From there, its the expected tongue lashing against the Pope, Tetzel, Eck or Zwinglii – sometimes the whole gang of them.
For the last two years, The Mueller Family bluegrass band has entertained the masses. Although you'll not find many of these tunes in any Lutheran hymnal, many make a fine witness to the gospel and a few might actually be an improvement on "Earth and All Stars," LW #438. THE_GROUP_email.jpg
Feeling upstaged, Luther himself jumped into the act on the final song this year with a reformed version of "Man of Constant Sorrows." BROTHER_PAUL_email.jpgLyrics are as follows:

I am a man of constant sorrow
I?ve seen trouble all my days
A bolt of lightening went right through me
And sent me to the monkery.

I am a man of constant sorrow
Don?t sell me no indulgences.
I?d rather spend my precious dollars
To buy a pint of German beer.

I am a man of many problems
To ninety five and I?ve lost count.
I nailed them to the church?s front door
Hoping that I could air them out.

I am a man of many troubles
The truth does not go over here.
A wild boar loose in the vineyard
Is the bad name they?ve given me.

Maybe your friends think I?m a rebel
A mental case put him away.
I cannot change, I won?t recant
God help me please, for here I stand.

Once again, Luther could be heard rolling over in his grave.

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