Suggested Movie List

Suggested Movie List
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"The Last Sin Eater"
A Michael Landon Jr. production, this is more than a heartwarming flick. People who know their guilt are desperate to find some way of having their sin taken away from them. Man is by nature a religious being. If necessary, he will invent a way to deal with his guilt before God. The clear and straightforward portrayal of the ways of man and the ways of God to deal with our guilt is presented in a great way in this movie. At one point, Deb said, "wow, can they really get away with that in our day?"

My Name Is David
The story about a boy who was taken from his mother by the Nazi's when he was just a child. He was raised in a Nazi concentration camp. He has an overseer on the inside whom he knows about and another whom he doesn't. After escaping, the story tells of the adventures he encounters on his trip to Denmark in search of his mother. There are two Christ figures in this wonderful movie. See if you can identify them and explain how they show us Christ.

End of the Spear
The power of forgiveness underlies this true account of missionaries who venture into the deepest parts of the wilderness of Ecuador to witness to the Waodoni tribesmen. I saw the original movie of this account, "Beyond the Gates of Splendor." The 2006 version is more watchable and just as powerful. This movie would be one of those "feel-good" fantasies if it weren't true.

An Unfinished Life
Unlike "End of the Spear," here is a movie about the power of forgiveness that is pure fiction. The story does an excellent job however showing us just how hard real forgiveness can be. Sometimes we think we've forgiven someone when they've said, "I'm sorry" and we say, "okay." Helmut Thielike once said, "forgiveness is not forgetfulness. It's the commitment that we will no longer let this issue come between us."

In His Steps
This is an old movie of an old story (1964). I remember reading this classic story of determined devotion to live according to the principles of the Scriptures when I was a teenager. I was surprised at how strongly the movie effected me again.

The Inn of Sixth Happiness
Based on the true story of Gladys Aylward who is determined to go to China to be a missionary, this was a wonderful movie about what it means to persevere in the faith. The fact that Ingrid Bergman plays Gladys Aylward doesn't hurt the appeal of this movie either.

Simon Birch
Here is a must see movie for everyone. Simon Birch is a dwarf which presents significant struggles for him through his life. He has deep questions about why God made him like he is. His undying belief is that God must have something special in mind for him to do to have made him a dwarf. Sadly, his pastor can only give him the most shallow and faithless help in his quest. Compared to Simon's faith, it is the pastor who is the dwarf.

Inherit the Wind
The 1960 Spencer Tracy film about the 1930's "Scopes Monkey Trials" presents a good lesson for all Christians to learn as we defend the faith in the face of scientific theories that want to rule God out of the universe. The presentation of the Christian faith must be done with intelligence and tact verses bullying and bluster.

The Island
A science fiction movie about cloning gone to extremes. It'll make you think about the cloning / stem-cell research a bit more seriously.

To End All Wars
Another one you've got to see. Japanese prisoners of war in Thailand during WWII struggle to survive under the brutal conditions they are prisoners in. Surprisingly, they not only survive but thrive. Based on a true story, this movie explores the meaning of unjust suffering and hopelessness. It asks us to consider what it means to be human. At night they form a "Jungle University" where they discuss concepts of mercy and justice as well as Plato, Shakespeare, and the Bible. As their hearts begin to change, they begin to see a change in heart of their captors.

Prejudices are alive and well and this movie not only exposes them but exposes us too. We sin because we're sinners. Original sin left unchecked by the conscience loves to hate and hates to love.

Dead Man Walking
A wonderful movie that really makes you ask whether or not anyone is beyond redemption. A prisoner sentenced to death is visited by a nun who works patiently and faithfully to bring him to confession and repentance. Can faith in Christ set even the most hardened criminal free?

The Big Night
A great movie about two brothers who have an Italian Restaurant. They do excellent Italian food – the best! But, they don't do as much business as the Italian Restaurant down the street because they don't do all of the entertainment and advertising. They just do good food. As they attempt to employ some of the techniques of their competitor down the street, they discover that the one thing that they do well is the one thing most important. There are lots of morals here for the congregation that wants to try to draw big crowds by employing the church growth techniques that they see others use – and what's at stake in the compromises necessary.

Babbette's Feast
Here's a wonderful movie all about a community that is united over a very special meal of the choicest meats and the finest wines prepared by a gourmet chef that no one every recognized as such. Let me know what very special meal this reminds you of.

Glory Road
Here's a story that's too good to be true. Thing is, it is true. It's the account of the Don Haskins, a high school basketball coach who, in 1962, took the reins of the Texas Western Miners, an underdog NCAA Division One team. This movie would serve well for a family discussion about racial prejudice and how prejudices develop and can be overcome.

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