First Communion Before Confirmation

We began to investigate the topic of administering the Lord’s Supper at an earlier age and disconnecting it from the Rite of Confirmation early in 2014. Pastor, Elders and Deaconess read and discussed several articles together over the course of 15 months. (Attached below in PDF format)

CTCR – Early Communion Document
The Message of Confirmation
Schenk First Communion Confirmation
Early Communion -Pless
Early Communion -Stuckwisch
Boyle Confirmation Catechesis Communion
When Should Children Be Given First Communion -Word Study

A survey of several New England District congregations conducted through the District President’s office.
Early Communion survey responses

The decision was made to open the Sacrament of the Altar to children as early as 10 years of age. Materials for age appropriate instruction were reviewed, selected, ordered for introductory parents / children meeting in May, 2015. Our Deaconess was the point-person for parents to come to and monitored progress. All lessons were conducted by parents at home. Several families worked together. One progress meeting was held in July, 2015. One parent produced additional study, review and testing materials to supplement the workbook. Parents were very pleased with the workbook. (PDF format)

Early Commuion Invitation Letter
Early Communion Introduction Meeting

“This Is The Feast” – Student
“This Is The Feast” – Teacher
Confirmation Class Quiz Lesson 1
This is the Feast- KeyVerses
Confirmation Class Quiz 2
Confirmation Class Notes 3
Confirmation Class Notes 4
Confirmation Class Lesson 6
Confirmation Class Lesson 7

Although each child was free to move at his/her own pace, all three participants finished together. Deaconess met with each child and family individually to examine the child. Pastor then met with all children and families together.

Early Communion Final Review

First Communion was celebrated on Advent 3 – 2015. Rite for “First Communion Prior To Confirmation” is found at LSB – Agenda, page 25.

Sermon On Early Communion

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