The Inquirer’s Class

“The Inquirer’s Class” – The Basics Of The Christian Faith

Twice a year, pastor Nielsen leads the “Inquirers Class.” It has been the practice of the church since ancient times to teach the fundamental doctrines of the Christian faith to those who want to learn the profession of the Christian faith. The logic is simple. You’ve got to know what the Christian faith is before you can say, ‘I believe it.’ From earliest times, men and women would first be taught the faith and then admitted to the Lord’s Supper if they were able to confess with the church, ‘I believe it.’ Although everyone was always welcome to attend worship, listen to the Word preached and participate in all aspects of the congregation’s life, the Lord’s Supper was not for everyone. The “fellowship” (‘Koinonia’ is the word in the New Testament. It is the word that we get ‘communion’ from) experienced in the Lord’s Supper is both with the crucified and risen Christ who is physically and bodily present in the bread and wine and with one another. (See 1 Corinthians 10 and 11). Only those who are able to confess the true doctrine with those whom they commune with are in true fellowship with one another. Hence, the importance of a time of instruction in the faith for all who would like to profess the Christian faith and participate in the Lord’s Supper in fellowship with others. In the early church this class was called The Catechumenate. Today we call it The Inquirers Class.

The Inquirers Class is open for everyone to attend. It is especially meant for those who are not Christian but would like to know more about the faith, those who have been away from the faith for awhile but would like to return, those who are of other denominations who would like to understand how Lutherans practice the faith. It is also not unusual for a few old-time Lutherans who need a refresher to attend this class. We would love to have you come. There is never any obligation to join the congregation by coming although attendance at this class is required to become a member.

The Inquirers Class is a free, nine week program. The syllabus is below. Please e-mail ( or call the church office (#872-5208) for more information, with questions or to register.

Inquirers Class – Syllabus

How Do We Know? Introduction to the Bible and the authority of the Scriptures

Who Is God? The Trinity and Creation

Who Is Man? Image of God, Sin and Free Will

Who Is Jesus? God, Man and Lamb

Who Is The Holy Spirit? Faith, the Church, the Office of the Ministry

What is Baptism? Sacraments, Joined To Christ in life and death.

What is the Lord’s Supper? The Real Presence and Sustenance for the journey.

What is Worship / What is Prayer? The theology of corporate worship. The liturgy of the Divine Service, private prayer.

What is the Christian Life? Christian stewardship and the inner workings of this congregation

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